Competitive League 2017 / 18


Week 1

11-09-2017 19:30
Rockies12 : 1The Knock Outs
Doubles Jenny Smalleyes1  1Doubles John Gibson
Doubles Rosie Fox1  1Doubles Jeanette Flynn
Doubles Joel Fox1  2Scored 100+ John Gibson
Doubles Peter Asaph1    
Singles Joel Fox1    
Singles Reggie Smalleyes1    
Singles Peter Asaph1    
Singles Jenny Smalleyes1    
Singles Rosie Fox1    
Singles Chris Rollinmud1    
Cricket Reggie Smalleyes1    
Cricket Peter Asaph1    
Cricket Rosie Fox1    
Cricket Joel Fox1    
Cricket Chris Rollinmud1    
Cricket Jenny Smalleyes1    
Triples Reggie Smalleyes1    
Triples Peter Asaph1    
Triples Rosie Fox1    
Triples Chris Rollinmud1    
Triples Jenny Smalleyes1    
Triples Joel Fox1    
Scored 100+ Joel Fox4    
Scored 140+ Joel Fox2    
Finish 61+ Joel Fox1    
Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes2    
Finish 61+ Jenny Smalleyes1    
Scored 100+ Peter Asaph2    
Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes1    
Scored 140+ Reggie Smalleyes1    
Scored 100+ Rosie Fox1    
The Knock Outs
The Knock Outs The Venue
11-09-2017 19:30
Wire Splitters
Wire Splitters
Wire Splitters11 : 21Eighty1
Doubles Dwayne Eliuk1  1Singles Gabe Wesley
Doubles Terri Cussen1  1Singles Bernadine Baptiste
Doubles Ellison Smith1  2Scored 100+ Ace Baptiste
Doubles Shelli Parker1  4Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley
Doubles Manny Misonne1  1Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley
Doubles Arlene Reuer1    
Singles Dave Parker1    
Singles Ellison Smith1    
Singles Manny Misonne1    
Singles Arlene Reuer1    
Cricket Dwayne Eliuk1    
Cricket Terri Cussen1    
Cricket Ellison Smith1    
Cricket Shelli Parker1    
Cricket Manny Misonne1    
Cricket Arlene Reuer1    
Cricket Dave Parker1    
Triples Dwayne Eliuk1    
Triples Terri Cussen1    
Triples Ellison Smith1    
Triples Shelli Parker1    
Triples Manny Misonne1    
Triples Arlene Reuer1    
Triples Dave Parker1    
Scored 100+ Arlene Reuer1    
Scored 100+ Dwayne Eliuk3    
Scored 100+ Manny Misonne2    
Scored 140+ Manny Misonne1    
Scored 100+ Dave Parker3    
Scored 140+ Dave Parker2    
Scored 100+ Ellison Smith2    
1Eighty1 Cumbrian Arms Pub
11-09-2017 19:30
No Angry Darts
No Angry Darts
No Angry Darts8 : 5Bragg Abouts
Singles Dave Johnston1  1Doubles Simon Showell
Singles Kendall Waiting1  1Doubles Greg Braganza
Singles Jeff Krintila1  1Doubles Blossom Braganza
Singles Randy Carvelli1  1Doubles Laura Gellately
Singles Russ Nicol1  1Doubles Scott Birmingham
Cricket Dave Johnston1  1Doubles Shelley David
Cricket Theresa Balko1  1Singles Scott Birmingham
Cricket Randy Carvelli1  1Triples Simon Showell
Cricket Kendall Waiting1  1Triples Shelley David
Cricket Russ Nicol1  1Triples Lee Edwards
Cricket Jenn Nicol-Sylvestre1  1Scored 100+ Greg Braganza
Cricket Jeff Krintila1  1Scored 100+ Blossom Braganza
Triples Dave Johnston1  1Scored 100+ Laura Gellately
Triples Theresa Balko1  1Finish 61+ Greg Braganza
Triples Randy Carvelli1    
Scored 100+ Jeff Krintila1    
Scored 100+ Dave Johnston1    
Scored 100+ Kendall Waiting2    
Cricket Kendall Waiting1    
Scored 100+ Jenn Nicol-Sylvestre1    
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts Texas Gate Bar & Grill
11-09-2017 19:30
I Quit
I Quit
I Quit2 : 11The Dart Side
Doubles Clinton Dixon1  1Doubles Mark Tilbury
Doubles Eldrena Dixon1  1Doubles Sandra Evans
Singles Savannah Hollaway1  1Doubles Lee Garland
Scored 100+ Savannah Hollaway2  1Doubles Darlene Tilbury
    1Singles Andy Harris
    1Singles Mark Tilbury
    1Singles Mark Vulc
    1Singles Lee Garland
    1Singles Betty Cassidy
    1Cricket Andy Harris
    1Cricket Mark Vulc
    1Cricket Betty Cassidy
    1Cricket Mark Tilbury
    1Cricket Dennis Cassidy
    1Cricket Sandra Evans
    1Triples Mark Tilbury
    1Triples Dennis Cassidy
    1Triples Sandra Evans
    1Triples Andy Harris
    1Triples Mark Vulc
    1Triples Betty Cassidy
    1Scored 100+ Lee Garland
    7Scored 100+ Mark Tilbury
    1Scored 100+ Andy Harris
    1Scored 140+ Andy Harris
    1Finish 100+ Andy Harris
    1Scored 100+ Mark Vulc
    2Scored 100+ Dennis Cassidy
The Dart Side
The Dart Side Royal Canadian Legion
11-09-2017 19:30
Bottom Feeders
Bottom Feeders
Bottom Feeders7 : 6Quack Attack
Doubles Brandon (Benny) Eddison1  1Doubles John Scondrianis
Singles Rod Baker1  1Doubles Kevin Beckedorf
Cricket John Lambert1  1Doubles Kelly Scondrianis
Cricket Andrea Deeves1  1Doubles Lorraine Baker
Cricket Rod Baker1  1Doubles Spare
Cricket Brandon (Benny) Eddison1  1Singles John Scondrianis
Cricket Dawn Gillard1  1Singles Rhonda Beckedorf
Triples Brandon (Benny) Eddison1  1Singles Lorraine Baker
Triples Dawn Gillard1  1Singles Spare
Scored 100+ John Lambert3  1Triples Rhonda Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Dawn Gillard3  1Triples Kelly Scondrianis
Scored 140+ Rod Baker1  1Triples Lorraine Baker
Scored 100+ Brandon (Benny) Eddison1  3Scored 100+ John Scondrianis
Scored 140+ Brandon (Benny) Eddison2    
Quack Attack
Quack Attack Ducks on the Roof
11-09-2017 19:30
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer10 : 3Inglourious Darters
Doubles Dean Spocchi1  1Singles Peter Leaman
Doubles Mike Salwach1  1Cricket Erik Welmer
Doubles Ryan Storch1  1Cricket Peter Leaman
Doubles Lisa Storch1  1Cricket Siewli Skinner
Doubles Sarah Spocchi1  1Triples Kevin Dundass
Doubles Rob Fox1  1Triples Keith Galliott
Singles Ryan Storch1  1Triples Shawn Cooper
Singles Sarah Spocchi1  1Scored 100+ Siewli Skinner
Singles Dean Spocchi1  3Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
Singles Rob Fox1  2Scored 100+ Kevin Dundass
Singles Mike Salwach1  1Scored 100+ Peter Leaman
Cricket Sarah Spocchi1    
Cricket Dean Spocchi1    
Cricket Mike Salwach1    
Triples Sarah Spocchi1    
Triples Dean Spocchi1    
Triples Mike Salwach1    
Scored 100+ Ryan Storch6    
Scored 140+ Ryan Storch1    
Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi3    
Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi7    
Scored 100+ Rob Fox2    
Scored 140+ Rob Fox1    
Scored 100+ Lisa Storch1    
Scored 100+ Mike Salwach3    
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Killarney's
11-09-2017 19:30
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered2 : 11Load of Bull
Doubles Freddie Powder1  1Doubles Sandy Harris
Doubles Christopher (Junior) Clarke1  1Doubles Paul Graham
Doubles Donna Eddison1  1Singles Craig Harris
Doubles Keisha (Baboo) Powder1  1Singles Steve Hitchins
Scored 100+ Freddie Powder2  1Singles Sandy Harris
Scored 100+ Donna Eddison1  1Singles Paul Graham
Finish 61+ Donna Eddison1  1Singles Sharron Graham
    1Singles Spare
    1Cricket Craig Harris
    1Cricket Paul Graham
    1Cricket Sandy Harris
    1Cricket Steve Hitchins
    1Cricket Sharron Graham
    1Cricket Spare
    1Triples Steve Hitchins
    1Triples Sharron Graham
    1Triples Spare
    1Triples Craig Harris
    1Triples Paul Graham
    1Triples Sandy Harris
    2Scored 100+ Paul Graham
    8Scored 100+ Craig Harris
    1Scored 100+ Sandy Harris
Load of Bull
Load of Bull Royal Canadian Legion

Week 2

18-09-2017 19:30
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters5 : 8Wire Splitters
Doubles Kevin Dundass1  1Doubles Dave Parker
Doubles Siewli Skinner1  1Doubles Terri Cussen
Doubles Erik Welmer1  1Singles Dave Parker
Doubles Shawn Cooper1  1Singles Ellison Smith
Singles Erik Welmer1  1Singles Arlene Reuer
Singles Shawn Cooper1  1Singles Dwayne Eliuk
Triples Keith Galliott1  1Cricket Dave Parker
Triples Kevin Dundass1  1Cricket Terri Cussen
Triples Erik Welmer1  1Cricket Arlene Reuer
Scored 100+ Erik Welmer8  1Cricket Dwayne Eliuk
Scored 140+ Erik Welmer1  1Cricket Shelli Parker
Scored 100+ Kevin Dundass1  1Cricket Ellison Smith
Scored 100+ Keith Galliott2  1Triples Dave Parker
Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper1  1Triples Terri Cussen
Scored 100+ Siewli Skinner1  1Triples Arlene Reuer
    7Scored 100+ Dwayne Eliuk
    1Scored 140+ Dwayne Eliuk
    1Scored a Cricket Dwayne Eliuk
    3Scored 100+ Ellison Smith
    8Scored 100+ Dave Parker
    1Scored 140+ Dave Parker
Wire Splitters
Wire Splitters Killarney's
18-09-2017 19:30
Load of Bull
Load of Bull
Load of Bull9 : 4Bottom Feeders
Doubles Sharron Graham1  2Doubles Spare
Doubles Barry Bryan1  1Doubles Dawn Gillard
Singles Craig Harris1  1Doubles Andrea Deeves
Singles Paul Graham1  1Singles Spare
Singles Sandy Harris1  2Cricket Spare
Singles Steve Hitchins1  3Scored 100+ Spare
Singles Barry Bryan1  2Scored 100+ Dawn Gillard
Cricket Craig Harris1    
Cricket Sandy Harris1    
Cricket Sharron Graham1    
Triples Craig Harris1    
Triples Sandy Harris1    
Triples Sharron Graham1    
Triples Paul Graham1    
Triples Steve Hitchins1    
Triples Barry Bryan1    
Scored 100+ Steve Hitchins3    
Scored 140+ Steve Hitchins1    
Scored 100+ Craig Harris6    
Finish 61+ Craig Harris1    
Scored 100+ Barry Bryan4    
Scored 100+ Sharron Graham1    
Scored 100+ Paul Graham1    
Bottom Feeders
Bottom Feeders Royal Canadian Legion
18-09-2017 19:30
Quack Attack
Quack Attack
Quack Attack7 : 6Rockies
Doubles John Scondrianis1  1Singles Jenny Smalleyes
Doubles Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Singles Alex Smalleyes
Doubles Kelly Scondrianis1  1Singles Reggie Smalleyes
Doubles Lorraine Baker1  1Singles Spare
Doubles Kevin Beckedorf1  1Singles Jenny Smalleyes
Doubles Cheryl Athanassiad1  1Singles Reggie Smalleyes
Cricket John Scondrianis1  1Cricket Jenny Smalleyes
Cricket Lorraine Baker1  1Cricket Alex Smalleyes
Cricket Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Scored 100+ Alex Smalleyes
Triples John Scondrianis1  1Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes
Triples Lorraine Baker1  1Scored 100+ Spare
Triples Rhonda Beckedorf1  4Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes
Triples Kevin Beckedorf1    
Triples Kelly Scondrianis1    
Triples Cheryl Athanassiad1    
Scored 140+ John Scondrianis1    
Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf1    
Rockies Ducks on the Roof
18-09-2017 19:30
The Knock Outs
The Knock Outs
The Knock Outs4 : 9The Dart Side
Doubles Todd Flynn1  1Doubles Sandra Evans
Doubles Shannon Osiowy1  1Singles Mark Vulc
Doubles John Gibson1  1Singles Lee Garland
Doubles Ashley Osiowy1  1Singles Andy Harris
Singles John Gibson1  1Singles Dennis Cassidy
Triples Todd Flynn1  1Singles Sandra Evans
Triples Shannon Osiowy1  1Doubles Andy Harris
Triples Brian Gibson1  1Cricket Andy Harris
Triples Ashley Osiowy1  1Cricket Dennis Cassidy
Scored 100+ John Gibson3  1Cricket Sandra Evans
Finish 61+ John Gibson1  1Cricket Lee Garland
Scored 100+ Leann Patriquin1  1Cricket Mark Vulc
Scored 100+ Shannon Osiowy1  1Cricket Betty Cassidy
    1Cricket Darlene Tilbury
    1Triples Andy Harris
    1Triples Dennis Cassidy
    1Triples Sandra Evans
    10Scored 100+ Andy Harris
    5Scored 100+ Lee Garland
The Dart Side
The Dart Side The Venue
18-09-2017 19:30
1Eighty17 : 6No Angry Darts
Doubles Gabe Wesley1  1Doubles Dave Johnston
Doubles Bernadine Baptiste1  1Doubles Theresa Balko
Singles Tiffany LaBelle1  1Doubles Randy Carvelli
Singles Leonard Fox1  1Doubles Kendall Waiting
Singles Ace Baptiste1  1Singles Dave Johnston
Cricket Gabe Wesley1  1Singles Kendall Waiting
Cricket Tiffany LaBelle1  1Singles Jeff Krintila
Cricket Arron Baptiste1  1Cricket Dave Johnston
Triples Gabe Wesley1  1Cricket Kendall Waiting
Triples Tiffany LaBelle1  1Cricket Russ Nicol
Triples Arron Baptiste1  4Scored 100+ Dave Johnston
Triples Ace Baptiste1  2Scored 100+ Randy Carvelli
Triples Bernadine Baptiste1  3Scored 100+ Kendall Waiting
Triples Leonard Fox1  1Scored 140+ Kendall Waiting
Scored 100+ Arron Baptiste3    
Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley8    
Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley2    
Finish 61+ Gabe Wesley1    
Scored 100+ Bernadine Baptiste1    
Scored 100+ Ace Baptiste1    
Scored 100+ Leonard Fox2    
No Angry Darts
No Angry Darts Ducks on the Roof
18-09-2017 19:30
I Quit
I Quit
I Quit3 : 10Here For Beer
Doubles Clinton Dixon1  1Doubles Sarah Spocchi
Doubles Eldrena Dixon1  1Doubles Rob Fox
Singles Harry Abraham1  1Doubles Barry Brennan
Triples Emilio Dixon1  1Doubles Spare
Triples Clinton Dixon1  1Singles Barry Brennan
Triples Harry Abraham1  1Singles Sarah Spocchi
Scored 100+ Clinton Dixon1  1Singles Dean Spocchi
Scored 100+ Eldrena Dixon1  1Singles Rob Fox
Scored 100+ Larissa Wigton2  1Singles Mike Salwach
Scored 100+ Emilio Dixon1  1Cricket Barry Brennan
Scored 100+ Savannah Hollaway2  1Cricket Sarah Spocchi
    1Cricket Spare
    1Cricket Dean Spocchi
    1Cricket Mike Salwach
    1Cricket Spare
    1Cricket Rob Fox
    1Triples Barry Brennan
    1Triples Sarah Spocchi
    1Triples Spare
    4Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi
    1Scored 140+ Dean Spocchi
    1Finish 61+ Dean Spocchi
    2Scored 100+ Barry Brennan
    3Scored 140+ Barry Brennan
    2Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi
    1Scored 140+ Sarah Spocchi
    1Scored 100+ Rob Fox
    2Scored 100+ Mike Salwach
    1Scored 100+ Spare
Here For Beer
Here For Beer Royal Canadian Legion
18-09-2017 19:30
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts3 : 10Armmed 'N' Hammered
Doubles Blossom Braganza1  1Doubles Freddie Powder
Doubles Greg Braganza1  1Doubles Keisha (Baboo) Powder
Singles Lee Edwards1  1Doubles Donna Eddison
Triples Simon Showell1  1Doubles Spare
Triples Laura Gellately1  1Singles Freddie Powder
Triples Lee Edwards1  1Singles Keisha (Baboo) Powder
Scored 100+ Greg Braganza1  1Singles Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Scored 100+ Lee Edwards1  1Singles Taien Fox
Scored 100+ Blossom Braganza2  1Singles Spare
Scored 100+ Simon Showell1  1Cricket Spare
    1Cricket Taien Fox
    1Cricket Freddie Powder
    1Cricket Natoshia (Bear) Powder
    1Cricket Keisha (Baboo) Powder
    1Cricket Donna Eddison
    1Triples Spare
    1Triples Taien Fox
    1Triples Freddie Powder
    2Scored 100+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder
    7Scored 100+ Spare
    1Scored 100+ Keisha (Baboo) Powder
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered The Venue

Week 3

25-09-2017 19:30
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered4 : 9Inglourious Darters
Doubles Freddie Powder1  1Doubles Peter Leaman
Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Doubles Shawn Cooper
Doubles Christopher (Junior) Clarke1  1Singles Erik Welmer
Doubles Donna Eddison1  1Singles Shawn Cooper
Singles Keisha (Baboo) Powder1  1Singles Kevin Dundass
Singles Donna Eddison1  1Singles Siewli Skinner
Scored 100+ Freddie Powder3  1Cricket Erik Welmer
Scored 100+ Donna Eddison2  1Cricket Siewli Skinner
Scored 100+ Keisha (Baboo) Powder1  1Cricket Shawn Cooper
Scored 100+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Cricket Keith Galliott
Scored 100+ Christopher (Junior) Clarke2  1Cricket Peter Leaman
    1Cricket Kevin Dundass
    1Triples Erik Welmer
    1Triples Siewli Skinner
    1Triples Shawn Cooper
    1Triples Keith Galliott
    1Triples Peter Leaman
    1Triples Kevin Dundass
    3Scored 100+ Erik Welmer
    4Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
    1Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper
    1Scored 100+ Peter Leaman
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Royal Canadian Legion
25-09-2017 19:30
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts6 : 7Load of Bull
Doubles Scott Birmingham1  1Doubles Craig Harris
Doubles Laura Gellately1  1Doubles Steve Hitchins
Doubles Simon Showell1  1Singles Craig Harris
Doubles Teresa Gastel1  1Singles Steve Hitchins
Singles Blossom Braganza1  1Singles Barry Bryan
Singles Lee Edwards1  1Cricket Craig Harris
Singles Shelley David1  1Cricket Paul Graham
Cricket Scott Birmingham1  1Cricket Barry Bryan
Cricket Shelley David1  1Triples Craig Harris
Cricket Teresa Gastel1  1Triples Paul Graham
Cricket Lee Edwards1  1Triples Barry Bryan
Scored 100+ Greg Braganza1  1Triples Steve Hitchins
Scored 100+ Blossom Braganza1  1Triples Sandy Harris
Scored 100+ Simon Showell2  1Triples Sharron Graham
Scored 100+ Lee Edwards3  1Finish 100+ Craig Harris
Finish 61+ Lee Edwards1  3Scored 100+ Paul Graham
Scored 100+ Scott Birmingham1  2Scored 100+ Barry Bryan
    1Scored 100+ Steve Hitchins
Load of Bull
Load of Bull The Venue
25-09-2017 19:30
Bottom Feeders
Bottom Feeders
Bottom Feeders2 : 11Rockies
Singles Rod Baker1  1Doubles Jenny Smalleyes
Singles John Lambert1  1Doubles Kelrick Smalleyes
Scored 100+ John Lambert3  1Doubles Reggie Smalleyes
Scored 100+ Rod Baker2  1Doubles Peter Asaph
Scored 140+ Rod Baker1  1Doubles Rosie Fox
Scored 100+ Dawn Gillard2  1Doubles Alex Smalleyes
    1Singles Jenny Smalleyes
    1Singles Peter Asaph
    1Singles Kelrick Smalleyes
    1Singles Alex Smalleyes
    1Cricket Peter Asaph
    1Cricket Rosie Fox
    1Cricket Alex Smalleyes
    1Cricket Jenny Smalleyes
    1Cricket Kelrick Smalleyes
    1Cricket Reggie Smalleyes
    1Triples Peter Asaph
    1Triples Rosie Fox
    1Triples Alex Smalleyes
    1Triples Jenny Smalleyes
    1Triples Kelrick Smalleyes
    1Triples Reggie Smalleyes
    3Scored 100+ Peter Asaph
    2Scored 100+ Alex Smalleyes
    1Scored 140+ Alex Smalleyes
    1Finish 61+ Alex Smalleyes
    1Scored 100+ Rosie Fox
    1Finish 61+ Rosie Fox
    2Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes
    1Scored 100+ Kelrick Smalleyes
    2Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes
Rockies Ducks on the Roof
25-09-2017 19:30
I Quit
I Quit
I Quit1 : 121Eighty1
Singles Eldrena Dixon1  1Doubles Arron Baptiste
    1Doubles Tiffany LaBelle
    1Doubles Gabe Wesley
    1Doubles Bernadine Baptiste
    1Doubles Leonard Fox
    1Doubles Ace Baptiste
    1Singles Gabe Wesley
    1Singles Tiffany LaBelle
    1Singles Bernadine Baptiste
    1Singles Leonard Fox
    1Singles Ace Baptiste
    1Cricket Gabe Wesley
    1Cricket Tiffany LaBelle
    1Cricket Arron Baptiste
    1Cricket Leonard Fox
    1Cricket Bernadine Baptiste
    1Cricket Ace Baptiste
    1Triples Gabe Wesley
    1Triples Tiffany LaBelle
    1Triples Arron Baptiste
    1Triples Leonard Fox
    1Triples Bernadine Baptiste
    1Triples Ace Baptiste
    2Scored 100+ Arron Baptiste
    9Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley
    1Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley
    1Scored 100+ Leonard Fox
    1Scored 140+ Leonard Fox
    2Scored 100+ Bernadine Baptiste
1Eighty1 Royal Canadian Legion
25-09-2017 19:30
Quack Attack
Quack Attack
Quack Attack9 : 4The Knock Outs
Doubles John Scondrianis1  1Singles Leann Patriquin
Doubles Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Singles Todd Flynn
Doubles Kevin Beckedorf1  1Cricket Brian Gibson
Doubles Kelly Scondrianis1  1Cricket Leann Patriquin
Doubles Cheryl Athanassiad1  1Cricket John Gibson
Singles John Scondrianis1  1Cricket Ashley Osiowy
Singles Kevin Beckedorf1  1Cricket Shannon Osiowy
Singles Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Cricket Todd Flynn
Triples John Scondrianis1  1Cricket Jeanette Flynn
Triples Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Cricket Herb Smith
Triples Cheryl Athanassiad1  1Scored 100+ Ashley Osiowy
Triples Kevin Beckedorf1  1Scored 100+ Jeanette Flynn
Triples Kelly Scondrianis1  1Scored 140+ Jeanette Flynn
Scored 100+ Kelly Scondrianis1  1Scored 100+ Todd Flynn
Scored 100+ John Scondrianis4    
Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf1    
Scored 100+ John Scondrianis3    
The Knock Outs
The Knock Outs Ducks on the Roof
25-09-2017 19:30
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer9 : 4No Angry Darts
Doubles Barry Brennan1  1Doubles Kendall Waiting
Doubles Rob Fox1  1Doubles Jeff Krintila
Doubles Wanda Morgan1  1Singles Theresa Balko
Singles Sarah Spocchi1  1Cricket Dave Johnston
Singles Barry Brennan1  1Cricket Jenn Nicol-Sylvestre
Singles Rob Fox1  1Cricket Russ Nicol
Singles Mike Salwach1  1Triples Dave Johnston
Cricket Sarah Spocchi1  1Triples Jenn Nicol-Sylvestre
Cricket Rob Fox1  1Triples Russ Nicol
Cricket Mike Salwach1  4Scored 100+ Dave Johnston
Triples Barry Brennan1  2Scored 140+ Dave Johnston
Triples Wanda Morgan1  2Scored 100+ Jeff Krintila
Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi4  6Scored 100+ Kendall Waiting
Scored 100+ Barry Brennan1    
Scored 180 Barry Brennan1    
Scored a Cricket Barry Brennan1    
Scored 100+ Rob Fox1    
Scored 100+ Wanda Morgan1    
No Angry Darts
No Angry Darts Killarney's
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